I truly enjoyed this read. In a way, it felt like I was talking about my struggles because I'm also in uni and have exams coming and I'm torn between swotting, working and creating time to finish up on my volunteer podcast scoring assignments.

This is the first time I have settled down to read an issue of your newsletter and I'm glad I did. Will make it a habit to read more as you publish them.

Amaaree, like I thought is being appreciated more globally than she is in her home country and it's fine. I don't listen to her tho. I really haven't been exploring music (or listening to podcasts) like I did last year because of how uni has taken most of my time but I hope to balance it out after this semester ends. However, I still found time to listen to recent releases of two of my faves, Pentatonix and Messer, and Halle's Angel.

Also, I just finished Bel-Air season 2 days ago and really enjoyed it. Will was annoying, again this season but it seemed like his character was developing in the last episode , idk. Glad it's been renewed for a third season tho.


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Ironically enough I did the same w movies during 2nd-3rd year of my undergrad, even though I was studying film. I think it felt too stressful lool, but I hope your studies ease up and you get some room to breathe. Not the biggest fan of Angel (maybe the genre is why?) but Halle's voice is unmatched and I will def give Bel Air a try once I'm done w the 7 diff shows I've picked up. x

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Good luck with your upcoming studies and don't be too hard on yourself about the newsletter or otherwise. Have a nice end of summer!

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